LEADEVER has been devoted to the construction of the international network all along. Since LEADEVER set up this edition in 2003 for seeking good partners, she has already made sizable harvest.

Perhaps your investment eyes have already been focused on Ningbo port, but has not just taken action yet because of the incomplete understanding to this market. As to this, our suggestion to you is to look for a satisfied cooperative partner in Ningbo local for acting as the media of understanding and entering this market.

The international network LEADEVER has been devoting to set up is just in the mutual reciprocity and benefit in order to ensure the long and friendly relationship. The object LEADEVER's chosed may not be the extensive enterprises, but must has with good, permanent and same faith as this company, namely regards the offering of perfect service to the customer as owned duty and also efforts for it. LEADEVER makes them become her friendly cooperative partner actively.

Relying on good and permanent experience together with the outstanding service group, LEADEVER believes that will become one of your best global cooperative partners. You can write email to Ms. Vivian or fill below form, we will offer "cooperative prospectus" as initial negotiation of the cooperation between us.

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