Proceeding from the structure of cargo, and basing on efforts and experience summarizing for many years, LEADEVER focused the pivot of services on Europe, USA, East and West Coasts of South America, South East Asia includes Japan, Arabian Persian Gulf, Red Sea and India Sub-contenient services, thus make LEADEVER has remarkable characteristics among counterpart.

LEADEVER's theory about the global network is to setup a general agent at Hong Kong, and build the main agent or office at every base port in the business scope and share their local network. Thus, the global network with radialized shape is established and LEADEVER's services are extended all over the world.

LEADEVER use the classification to manage the whole network, just like the management of a enormous group. Every agent at base ports is independent and control its local network, but the general agent at Hong Kong should be as the hinge of whole network and must to supervise and manage them . Thereout, LEADEVER's Network is becoming uniform and all-around. Wherever LEADEVER's customer export their cargo to, they are all able to enjoy the LEADEVER's Services.

LEADEVER devoted to the agent construction of network for many years, and is fruitful yet. But LEADEVER still makes great efforts on it in order to delelop it more overall, which offers the thoughtful and perfect service to customer.

Of course, LEADEVER is willing to invite you for joinning. To become one of your global partners will be a honour of LEADEVER too.


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