Being established on 1999, the main mission of LEADEVER is to directly offer the high-quality, high-efficient and complete international freight services to foreign trade enterprise, overseas-funded enterprise and factory with self-supporting export and import right, which include the handling of Container Transportation by sea and air, and the direct stuffing of global LCL cargos.

LEADEVER has been engaged in the international freight industry for many years, and is a veteran freight forwarder. LEADEVER has the staff that separately belongs to the Marketing and Operation Department for the exportation and the importation, the Aerial Transportation and Bulk Cargo Service Department, and the Custom Service Department, as well as accredits to the Port Zone, the various wharfs and the local warehouses of Ningbo Beilun Port. The average age of company staff is 26 years old, and 80% of staffs all has academic credentials of the university or higher, as well as are engaged in freight profession for many years. LEADEVER is such a team that fills the vitality and actual experience.

LEADEVER possesses more than 4,000 square meters warehouses in the Beilun Port , and the truck company under its flag has above 100 trucks, which can sufficiently provide the Logistical Service like the cargo storage, transfer and transportation for international import & export trade.

Presently, company has wonderful achievement at Europe Base Ports and Mediterranean Sea Services, USA, East and West Coast of South America, South East Asia, Arabia and Persia Gulf, India Sub-continent services, and also have good behavior at other services.

The personnel of Custom Declaration and Commodity Inspection&Quaratine Department under LEADEVER's flag all are the senior officials who engaged in the official duty work for many years and has an entire set of scheme of the fast custom declaration and the commodity inspection and quaratine, which causes the customer to consign their cargo to LEADEVER securely.

LEADEVER fetched in the advanced managerial experience, and uses the advanced management system of international logistics, which let the company keeping pace with international logistical and freight enterprises regardless of the management, the operation and the service provides to the customer.

LEADEVER established offices and agents in the main ports of seven continents, as well as setupped the central agent in Hong Kong in order to attenuate spatial and time range to most mild degree, thus enables the customers to receive the feedback of their demands by the quickest speed.

Moreover, LEADEVER regards strong information technology as backing, and offers the operating platform with real-time update to customer, in order to facilitate customer learning the firsthand important information at any time, such as the newest schedule of shipment, freight rate and cargos current situation etc..

In 2004 will be a year which LEADEVER soars. LEADEVER will plan on the cooperation with several international logistical and freight enterprises, which joints stock with them to promote LEADEVER's service to world each place in most wide range. LEADEVER will break through the traditional freight mode but establish such an international freight and logistical solution that connects rails to world but simultaneously suits to the Chinese national condition. At the appointed time, the global customers of LEADEVER sincerely will feel the interactive, integrity and high efficiency service like this.


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